My Website

The optimized dark theme for web development. Your new favorite theme (gatsby profile app)

Interview Diary 🚀

Blogger for Interview preparation

Architecture Blogs 🐳

Architecture Blog on Ops Technologies

My Blogs 🚀

Old website for running Blogs

My Courses 🚀

A web-based training portal to provide learning resources

Quiz for Developers 🎉🚀

online quiz platform for testing your knowledge

Code Mentor 💻

A Code mentor app for exploring learning sessions

Tech Trainer 🚀

Learning platform for developers with Trainers

CodeSchool 🎉🚀

A Platform for Beginners

Swiggy 🚀

swiggy clone of famous food startup in India

Udemy 🚀

Learning platform for developers


Scooty rental platform for travellers to find scooty on rentals

Code Buddy 🚀

Code Buddy for developers to find projects and share ideas